Monday, May 12, 2008

It's not always about the WHOOs, WOWs or the WHAAs!

It's back to basics for me... well with a little twist. That's me. Nothing can just be normal. What's normal to me? I don't know...

I just love to spice things up a little. A blend of the old and the new... equals EXCELLENCE!

Am back with a commissioned painting by Daryl and Lisa. A couple that I've come to know for years now. Friends that I hold close to my heart. This piece has nature in mind... they've requested one with blue and green; signifying calmness, tranquility, peace... ahhh... a track contrast to everyday life in the city.

Whatever it is, here's the first sketch... and as always, I go with the flow and most often than not the painting evolves over time... So Daryl and Lisa, feel free to check in ;)

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Past (part 1)

Ah... the past.... Can only remember the happy times. Yea... I hear it often "The past sucks!" Yes, maybe. But give it time; almost more than never it turns out BEAUTIFUL. It gets prettier as time goes by.

Just a few art pieces from my past. I think they look prettier than I thought them to be before... Teehee!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Unwind Within

Gosh! How much worse can things get?!

I need a release from all these negative energy... Arghhh

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who is Jude Bong?

I've been to countless interviews. Every time its the same old story... the same old questions. I mean don't you guys (interviewers) ever get tired of the same ol' questions and answers? Don't you just hate being asked the golden question "Tell us about yourself"?!

OMG! Every time it's the same. Every time the same answers come out; like a broken old record playing whilst trying to look ever-so-excited! Like ~sigh~ Boring...

So I've been thinking. Who's Jude Bong?! Answer to that: Am still exploring. I sometimes feel like a being inhibiting this person's body whom people around call Jude Bong. Split personality??? Nah. More like I can't figure myself out most of the times and people are expecting me to in an instant?

I was painting the other day and decided to paint who Jude Bong really is (well almost; will need a few more pics to 'fully' paint who I really am). Maybe in the future, I should just bring this picture along to interviews!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Someone's FINALLY said yes!

Yes! YES! YES! Sob... sob... laugh... sob... laugh... sob... Oh my gosh! Make up your mind, gurl...

Am so happy for my cuz and his other half; he proposed and she said YES! Awww... Hmpf! Must be 'em Tiffany diamond rings, they really do work! Hahaha!

So here's a painting I did which fits the occasion. It's titled "Passion Amidst Chaos"

"Despite all your uncertainties amidst the hectic schedules and in betweens, love and passion came through! Congrats!"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What really matters in life?

Yes I love club hoping, drinking with friends, just having good times... Memories that'll last the ages.

When all is dead and done, what else is there for me? How much more can I take from this world that'll make me feel 'good'? I've pondered and pondered.

It's just one of those odd night outs when everything you thought made you feel on cloud9 just disappears...

You slip into a slow pace, watching people pass by in slow mo; suddenly the thumping bass from the speakers disappears... You feel like you're dreaming and you're finding it hard to grasp reality

I wonder how this could have happened. I just start thinking about my life and what really matters to me dearly...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You know when it's not your day

Just had a strange encounter with the other half last night. I don't know how to describe it but it's one of a negative feel.

It takes just one incident or a string of little incidents to drag the whole past into picture. When that happens, all hell breaks loose! Just a mixture of sick twisted emotions running through every vein! Sad, disappointed, heart-broken... and at the same time love, understanding and pity comes knocking on the door! DAMN IT! I hate feeling this way. To which emotions should I give in to?@!

Both trying to play victim; like playing musical chairs to Alice in Chains songs, without chairs! Both trying to garner pity from the other. Both trying to play hurt! Who benefits from all these insane games in the end??? NOBODY!

And it's the norm response... Why? why? why? Why? Why?!